To Each Their Own

A person smiling for the camera.Foster care-Where to begin?

First and foremost, finding the right agency that suits you can be very important. The agency I have (Camelot Care of East Tennessee) is a great agency. They are very caring and there whenever you need them.

I began what I will call an adventure over 10 years ago. I have adopted four and have fostered over 60 children over the years. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Each of these children come with a different story. I have learned over the years to be open minded and let each open up and talk when they are ready. Trust me, they do want someone to talk to and just listen.

Always fair

If you have several kiddos in your home, you always want to keep everything fair. Trust me, you will hear it if you don’t.

Even food and snack, one will let you know if the other has more. I also like to make time individually. I’ll take 1 day each week and let that child pick a little outing, ice cream, etc. I love this method because it gives the child a little one-on-one time with you.

To their own

I like to use humor to get a child to open up. In most cases, you never have to ask them questions about their past. They will come to you when the time is right for them.

I’ve also found that when you’re in the car driving with your kiddos, one will begin talking about their past, this makes the others chime in. I just drive along listening and eventually I’ll begin my question time.

Education challenges

I’ve had many kiddos over the years that come with academic struggles. I have found that a lot of them just never had the opportunity for someone to sit down and work with them. These kiddos just want to belong. They want someone to love and care for them and it will take time for them to believe in you and what you say.

I do have one kiddo with me now who’s IQ after testing was off the charts. He’s a very smart young man. This has caused him problems with previous homes. He likes to correct adults. He has been moved around a lot for this reason. When he has tried this with us, we turn it into a game. He gives up after a while and heads to his room.

Adoption is finally here!

I have adopted four children. I have two birth children and five grandchildren. My first adopted daughter came to me when she was in fifth grade. She is now 19 and going to community college and working part time. I’m so very proud of her.

My second adoptive son is now 23, works full time, and is doing well for himself.

My third-another son, he’s in eighth grade and has a ways to go. He’s one that struggles in school, so we continue to work with him. We know he’ll make it with positive reinforcement.

And finally, another daughter, she is also in eighth grade. She’s a very smart little girl and we know she’ll go far

In conclusion!!

If you’ve thought about fostering or adoption, don’t give up. If it’s become a thought, it’s for a reason.

There will be many challenges but there will also be so much joy. These kiddos keep me young, and the house is always full of laughter.

I will say, with some bad, you will have so much more of the good.